Simple Compliance

Cloud compliance isn’t one-size-fits-all and requirements can change depending on region, regulator and risk posture. Satisfy your compliance objectives with right-sized controls based on the risk profile of each workload.  Leverage our comprehensive set of compliance tools and  oversight capabilities to simplify your compliance.

Common use cases

Compliance against frameworks

Assess and enforce compliance against industry or regulatory compliance frameworks such as NIST800.53, CSA CCM, FedRAMP, HIPAA, PCI DSS — or implement comprehensive controls for your custom organizational frameworks

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Consistent compliance across different tools

Embedding cloud controls into your Infrastructure as Code or deployment pipelines greatly improves security but leads to significant switching costs when moving to the latest tools.

Give your teams the flexibility to change tools, consumption patterns and access innovations by separating your deployment from governance with Kivera. Our policy engine ensures that a policy written once, will apply universally across any IaC language or deployment tool without any rework.

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Tagging for compliance and risk traceability

Use tags to embed your organizational metadata into Kivera   enriching your risk and compliance reporting.

Kivera tags are fully customisable and can be used to add organization risk IDs to Kivera Rules for compliance traceability and reporting. Extend tags to add CMDB data linking useful business information to your cloud interactions.

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