Cloud Agility

Don’t let cloud complexity slow you down. As the cloud rapidly evolves with new services and features, so do the ways in which we consume them. With increased adoption and changing consumption modes, keeping the pace of innovation is challenging.

Enforce cloud controls with Kivera to separate your deployments from  governance. Give your teams the freedom to move fast and innovate without compromising on security, compliance, or operational outcomes.

Common use cases

Rapidly enable cloud services - securely

Does your cloud security tool support every cloud service? Kivera does. Blindspots in cloud security tools can occur at the service, feature, and especially at the parameter level. Not with Kivera. We offer 100% coverage of every cloud service down to the parameter.

Our comprehensive coverage saves time and effort in service enablement, threat modelling and control enforcement. Introduce new capabilities to your organization  faster with Kivera.

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Secure new cloud services the day they’re released

Kivera keeps you on the bleeding-edge of cloud innovation with zero-lag feature support for the latest releases.

With the exponential growth in available cloud services and features, keeping on top of the latest release is challenging - especially for your security tools.

Kivera’s unique automation allows you to implement controls for the latest services and features the day they’re released.

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Securing sandbox and innovation environments

Cloud innovation often begins in sandbox or proof of concept environments, which are used by developers to rapidly test and learn new cloud services.

While the freedom these environments provide unlocks innovation, it often comes at the cost of security. With Kivera, there’s no trade-off. Enforce secure guardrails around your environments from sandbox to production and let innovation thrive.

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