Securing Cloud Data

Kivera enables unparalleled visibility and control over the movement of data in the cloud. See where your data is being sent and stop it from leaving your organization’s boundaries - all with just a few clicks.

Common use cases

Prevent cloud data exfiltration

Enable secure data boundaries to stop exfiltration of data to unauthorized destinations. Keep data within your organization’s approved list of AWS Accounts, Azure Subscriptions or Google Projects. Data boundaries can broadly stretch between cloud providers or specifically target individual resources.

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Prevent SaaS data exfiltration

While SaaS providers rapidly enable teams with new capabilities, securing your SaaS isn’t always as easy - especially when it comes to data.

Kivera greatly enhances your visibility and control over SaaS providers. Data boundaries around SaaS protects the flow of data to ensure it never leaves your approved SaaS tenants.

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