Simplified Cloud SecurityYour cloud. Your rules.
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Kivera is a cloud inspection proxy that enforces granular policies across any cloud provider, any service and any deployment tool.
Preventative Control Enforcement Across Every Cloud ResourceKivera enforces preventative policies across your cloud resources stopping misconfigurations turning into attack vectors and data breaches. With support for every cloud provider service, each policy is written in an open source policy language (Rego) providing full flexibility from simple validation to granular conditional policies. Your cloud. Your rules.
Stop Cloud Data Exfiltration Before It HappensWith deep visibility into every cloud request, Kivera applies strict data transfer policies ensuring your data stays within your organisation's virtual boundaries. Each data transfer is authenticated and authorised based on source identity and destination resource - whether you're transferring data within cloud, between clouds or from on-premise to cloud.
Simplified Cloud Governance, Risk and Regulatory ComplianceKivera Compliance Profiles are fully customisable groupings of policies applied to workloads based on your internal risk, data sensitivity or external regulatory requirements. Compliance Profiles ensure controls are enforced commensurate with the inherent risk of each workload, supporting your compliance objectives without restricting delivery velocity.
Empower Developers and Accelerate InnovationAs organisational cloud maturity increases, developers seek tooling better aligned to their workloads. Enabling and supporting these new cloud tools while maintaining security posture is a challenge. With Kivera, codify your threat models as Kivera Policies then universally apply them across every tool whether using the CLI, Terraform, Jenkins, Codefresh, Pulumi, Bitbucket Pipelines, cloud native templates and more. Support developers' tooling of choice and maintain your security posture.

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