Cloud Protection

The strongest control type is preventive — but there has never been a solution to enforce granular preventive controls across every cloud service, until now. Kivera gives you the power to implement the right cloud guardrails for your organisation.

See our policy reference for a full list of supported services and available policy parameters.

Kivera Policy Reference

Common use cases

Cloud security non-negotiables

Get baseline level protection across your organization. With a single click, enable out-of-the-box non-negotiables which target the most common causes of cloud breaches - simple misconfigurations.

Controls include: enforcing encryption, preventing credential mis-use, restricting public access, enforcing tagging and preventing common network misconfigurations.

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Securing sandbox and innovation environments

Cloud innovation often begins in sandbox or proof of concept environments, which are used by developers to rapidly test and learn new cloud services.

While the freedom these environments provide unlocks innovation, it often comes at the cost of security. With Kivera, there’s no trade-off. Enforce secure guardrails around your environments from sandbox to production and let innovation thrive.

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Block shadow cloud

Mitigate the risks of shadow IT that can lead to security vulnerabilities, compliance breaches, unmanaged costs, and data leakage.

Kivera helps stop shadow IT by ensuring every interaction with cloud is aligned with your organizational standards helping you achieve your security objectives.

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